Eranos went on stage uncertainly in the first months. With his first two albums written in no less than 3 months, he was asked to play in a cemetery on November 1, 2019. But the songs were a bit too cheerful. Eranos needed something new. He wrote for months. Just before November 1, he recorded everything in a kind of 'Early takes'. This eventually became 'Maybe This One'. Born out of uncertainty, an album with noise and errors. This is the innocent Eranos you saw for the first few months. Things sure have changed now.

1. Brackets
2. Cisco Bay
3. Dusty Roads Love
4. Flight Of A Swallow
5. I'm Going Nowhere
6. Maybe This One
7. Next Chapter
8. Okemah
9. Recall
10. Spring
11. The Dane
12. Yellow Brick Road

Maybe This One - Eranos

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